Lovely Londoners!

Yes, I did it. In 5:38:36 mins. The weather was superb, beautiful sunshine, lots of lovely Londoners lining the route encouraging us all. Ran past Katie Price and Peter Andre somewhere in Deptford. Met a couple in bridal gear in Commercial Street E14 who told me they were going to get married at mile 24. All kinds of weird and wonderful runners, including two rhinos, Tigger, Buzz Lightyear, a Pink Lady apple, some policeman and a criminal. Slightly miffed that I was overtaken by a two-humped camel at the end, but my left leg seized, so I had to walk the last four miles.

The atmosphere was fantastic. Just goes to show that people can be nice to each other and that we don’t have to focus on base materialism and consumerism all the time.

A huge thank you to my running partners over the past few months: Brer Andy and querida Mia, James, Anne-Marie (Soerensen) and last, but not least Hannah Miller who encouraged me to run through the pain to cross the finishing line. Please visit her fundraising page by clicking her name.

And here’s me and Stephen in Kensington Gardens on the way home to a fabulous party, deliciously catered by Chef Saskia.

Thank You!

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18 thoughts on “Lovely Londoners!”

  1. hi mike,
    thankyou, not only for donating to my page but for running accross the finish line with me! i trained alone and started the marathon alone-it was great to finish my quest with you for company! we did start it pretty much together though too-my time 5:37:33
    it was my first but will not be my last. i am going to try and get a place and run in dublin this october. would you like to join me?

    1. hi hannah!

      great to hear from you! am feeling fine now, but not sure i’d be up for dublin!

      keep me posted if you


  2. glad you’re feeling good now…no worries about dublin-just thought it would be rude not to ask!!
    i will indeed keep you posted and of course will be using the fantastic service provided by justgiving to assist me with my fundraising in the future-it’s absolutely brilliant and has made things much easier for me regarding collection of donations. i live in the netherlands and do not see many of the friends who have made donations! so thanks to you and all at justgiving!

    take care and keep up the good work.

    best wishes,
    hannah x

  3. Billiant,not only do you run marathons but you speak dutch aswell-i’m impressed!

    I’ve done it-i have registered for dublin,i have my running number and everything!

    My friend lost her 4 month old daughter to leukemia less than a month before my mum died so this one’s for her. as soon as we decide which charity will benefit from my legs this time, i will be setting up my second justgiving page!

    tot straaks,

    hannah x

  4. Lieve Hannah!

    Good for you! Let me know when you’ve built your new page.

    Mike x

  5. hi mike, how’s tricks?
    i have enjoyed a relaxed 2 months following the london marathon…only been running 4 times! as july approaches it is time to get a little strict with myself – let the training for the dublin marathon commence!!! i have set myself quite a task. i want to knock off an hour and a half from my london time! it is maybe a little extreme but i work best under pressure. considering i stopped for the loo 5 times during london due to drinking so much to combat the excessive heat, (i reckon that won’t be necessary in late october in ireland!) that must have added about 40 minutes or so to my time. do you think it’s reasonable to try and improve my running time by about 50 minutes? i do!
    sadly i will not be making a new fundraising page with justgiving for dublin! my friend kerry chose children with leukaemia as the charity to benefit from the fundraising and they work with another web facility. i have made my page but have found the website to be far less user friendly than with justgiving. the new look justgiving is fantastic by the way – congratulations to you all! with a bit of luck, you will see me back on here for breast cancer campaign in the future!
    what about you? did you hang up your running shoes or have you kept it up? i hope you are well and happy…take care,
    best wishes from your london marathon finishing partner!!!

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Thanks very much for your message and glad to hear you’re back in training for Dublin. I’ve been rather slack recently, but my brother and sister-in-law with whom I train are on my case to get back to running. I ran last Monday round Hyde Park and need to get back to my two to three times a week schedule.

      Glad you like the new look JustGiving site. We had some trouble with it last week, but things seem to be sorting out now.

      All the best and keep me posted about Dublin.


  6. Hello,
    Well done for getting round. I have only managed one half marathon and that was hard enough!
    I looking to start my own charity law blog and once its up and running I would love to get your input.

    I will let you know when its live.

  7. Hi!
    I love your blogpost. This was very interesting to read.
    I am curious why I didn’t find this blog earlier.

    I will go and spread the word. Some of my friends will love this.

    Thank you and keep it up!

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