Lovely Londoners!

Yes, I did it. In 5:38:36 mins. The weather was superb, beautiful sunshine, lots of lovely Londoners lining the route encouraging us all. Ran past Katie Price and Peter Andre somewhere in Deptford. Met a couple in bridal gear in Commercial Street E14 who told me they were going to get married at mile 24. All kinds of weird and wonderful runners, including two rhinos, Tigger, Buzz Lightyear, a Pink Lady apple, some policeman and a criminal. Slightly miffed that I was overtaken by a two-humped camel at the end, but my left leg seized, so I had to walk the last four miles.

The atmosphere was fantastic. Just goes to show that people can be nice to each other and that we don’t have to focus on base materialism and consumerism all the time.

A huge thank you to my running partners over the past few months: Brer Andy and querida Mia, James, Anne-Marie (Soerensen) and last, but not least Hannah Miller who encouraged me to run through the pain to cross the finishing line. Please visit her fundraising page by clicking her name.

And here’s me and Stephen in Kensington Gardens on the way home to a fabulous party, deliciously catered by Chef Saskia.

Thank You!