A School for Joy

A School for Joy, an extraordinary story of transformation in India

It is a great pleasure to announce the publication of “A School for Joy”, my English translation of “La Route de la Joie” written by Helene Khim-Tit.

You can get your copy from the publishers, Extraordinary Editions or from the Owl Bookshop in Kentish Town Road, London.

A School for Joy is a life-affirming story of redemption, resilience and transformation in the face of grief and suffering. Helene, who lost her husband at an early age and then her only son, embarked alone on a trip to India. Against her initial inclination, she reluctantly included the town of Fatehpur Sikri in her visit, a less popular tourist destination in North India. In a remarkable twist of fate, she decided to set up a primary school for the children she met there. This is the account of how it happened and a compelling argument for universal education and socio-economic justice. The Sunrise School opened in February 2016 and after only five years of schooling, the eldest pupils passed the Indian secondary school certificate exam, which children usually sit after nine years of education.


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